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Q: How do I know that I need Cumberland Waterproofing's services?
A: If you have water in your basement that will not drain away. Please contact us.

Q: How does the FREE inspection work and is it really free?
A: When you call or email us about a free inspection we will set up an inspection date and time convenient for you. We will come to your house and assess your basement and explain what the problem is and how we will solve it. This is absolutely free, you are not obligated to hire Cumberland Waterproofing for the job if you are not satisfied.    

Q: How long will it take for the job to get done?
A: 1-4 days. All though due to unforeseen conditions that may arise we might have to extend the time on the job.  

Q: Can I fix the problem myself?
A: Possibly, check gutters to make sure they are clear of debris and downspouts are working and not pouring water into the foundation of the house. After this keep an eye on it to see if the water returns. If it does please contact us
You could also try waterproof or sealant paint but know that these products are meant to trap the water and not let it enter the basement. They will trap the water in the walls sometimes causing the wall to deteriorate. They are fine for small spots but not large problematic leaking. They are not a permanent solution! If your walls have major seepage it will benefit you to call in professionals to solve your problem.
Cumberland Waterproofing is a registered PA Home Improvement Contractor 
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