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When we arrive at your home for your FREE inspection we will assess where the water seepage is coming from, 

Above and Below Floor Systems

A huge problem in wet basements is that water will collect around the foundation of your house. Water will force it's way through cold joints, where the wall meets the floor, and even through cracks in the concrete walls.

Above floor systems include:
  • Above floor basement channels are tracks that are installed above the floor along the base of the wall. It collects water seepage and channels it to a sump pump.   
Below floor systems include:
  • Below floor channels are installed in the floor around the inside perimeter of your basement. A portion of the concert floor is removed and the channel is set inside. The water seeping from the foundation and coming up from the ground is collected then drained into a sump pump.  

Sump Pump and Battery Backups​
  • Sump pumps are pumps that are installed in the basement floor. When water in the sump rises to a certain level it turns on and drains the water outside of your house, 10 feet or more away from the foundation. We will dig the hole, add a liner, and install the sump pump. 

Structural Repairs​
  • Cracks in basement walls will be sealed.  
  • If downspouts are too close to the house and letting water run into the foundation they will be moved or lengthened.   
  • If basement stairs or windows need removed due to water damage they will be replaced.

Do you have a wet basement that does not serve your family well? Wet basements if left in the condition they are in can cause more problems than realized. From mold and mildew build up to structural damage. The members of Cumberland Waterproofing are here to solve your problem with up to date industry standard solutions.  

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  • Interior/Exterior Solutions

  • Above and Below Floor Systems

  • Sump Pump and Battery Backups

  • Structural Repairs
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Before picture of a below the floor system
After picture of the same below the floor system
Picture of outside entrance stairway before the below the floor system was installed.
After picture of the same stairway after the below the floor system is installed.
Above the floor system.
"We have always wanted to put in a game room in our basement but could not because it was full of water. So we called Cumberland Waterproofing for help. We couldn't be more happy with the results. The basement is dry and we will be able to remodel. The staff of Cumberland Waterproofing were wonderful, they were fast, polite, and cleaned up after themselves."  - Kevin of Carlisle PA    
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